My name is Nedeljko Radulović and I am a PhD candidate under the supervision of Albert Bifet and Fabian Suchanek, at LTCI laboratory, at Télécom Paris which is part of Institut de Polytechnique de Paris. My research is focused mainly on eXplainable Artificial Intelligence, but I am also interested in Stream Data Mining and Statistical Relational Learning.


  1. Nedeljko Radulovic, Dihia Boulegane, Albert Bifet, (2020). SCALAR - A Platform for Real-time Machine Learning Competitions on Data Streams. Journal of Open Source Software, 5(56), 2676. [paper] [github] [docs]
  2. Nedeljko Radulovic, Albert Bifet, Fabian Suchanek: “Confident Interpretations of Black Box Classifiers” International Joint Conference on Neural Networks (IJCNN), 2021 [paper] [github]


I also work as a teaching assistant in following courses:

  • Exploration de grands volumes de données, Télécom Paris
  • MS Big Data, Télécom Paris
  • Data Stream Mining, Télécom Paris
  • Databases, Télécom Paris


Email: [firstname].[lastname][AT]telecom-paris.fr